Volkswagen Caddy Transponder Key (HU49) ID44


Weight: 0.020 Kgs
Code: VW-HU49T-44

Replica Volkswagen Transponder Key.

Transponder: ID44 – PCF7935

Key Blade: HU49


Volkswagen Transponder Key. 

Transponder: ID44 – PCF7935

Key Blade: HU49

This key comes complete with a transponder chip (ID44 – PCF7935) and can be supplied uncut, cut to code, cut to photo or cut to the vehicle’s door lock. To find out more about our cutting service please see the ‘key cutting’ link at the top of the page along with the information below.

Suitable for the following models:

Volkswagen Caddy (2001 – 2004)


The key will need to be programmed before it will start the car. Please see the following guidance for who will be able to program this key type.

Additional information

Weight20 g