When we think of locksmiths we only think of either repairing of our broken car keys or making a new ones but today’s locksmith’s services have evolved a lot, and they come with a whole lot of additional services for us. Electronic car key equipment designed to be capable of duplicating and producing replacement car keys for many makes and models of car.

Services That Locksmiths Provide

As we know the basic job of a locksmith is to repair locks and car keys or make new keys for old locks. But do you know that with the advancement of technology also means that all types of locks and car keys have also changed to a great degree? There are various types of locks and car keys found nowadays that are not only mechanically advanced but complicated technology build into them too. Modern day locksmiths are capable of installing, replacing and repairing any sorts of locks.

Lost Keys – Locksmiths are so tech – savvy nowadays that they can even take care of advanced security like remote fobs, transponder keys, key cards and thumbprint or retinal scanners.

Not only can locksmiths handle car keys but locks for our home, office, and any type of commercial building.

Auto locksmiths – Auto Locksmiths provide solution for all types of car keys, both new and old. The occupation of locksmiths is for the most part had some expertise in nature and auto locksmith is one such fragment of specialization that is prepared to meet you at your car or vehicle where ever that may be.

Replacement keys – if you lose your car keys or worst, they are stolen, you need not worry, as our auto locksmiths are exceptionally proficientin the replacement of you car keys at your vehicle. And they not only just make a new key they even program it according to your vehicle. This makes your stolen key or lost key stop working on your car.

Central locking system –our auto locksmiths can also take care of central locking systems for your car. In a central locking system, most of the times, remotes are required to be programmed into cars. Our auto Locksmiths specialize in supplying and programming of remotes for different cars and can even repair the ones that is either in bad condition or is not working properly.

EEPROM Services – there are certain cars whose only keys if lost cannot be recovered with the normal and usual procedure. It needs to done by EEPROM. Our Auto locksmith can offer this special service for you.

Extractions of keys – well-trained auto locksmiths can also help in the extraction of your broken car keys, in case it is worn or happens to break in your door lock or break in the during Mechanical cut auto keys are viewed as the more usual sort and utilize a one of a kind cutting example on the edge of every key sharp edge. The procedure includes utilizing a mechanical key cutting machine that is utilized by our locksmiths either inside our locksmith shop or in our emergency response vehicle. That being said mechanical cut keys are still popular with some of the today’s popular car makers.

Repairing and replacing – repairing and replacing your auto keys can be easily done by our auto locksmith. A locksmith should have all the necessary tools and training, which is necessary. If a person has the latest tools, machines, skills, training and knowledge of latest locking and security systems of cars and vehicles then he/she is a professional auto locksmith.

I have always received good service from Car Key Repair. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. I Am using their services for my car sale business from last three years very satisfied.

Pat Forde

CEO Theroadsters